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About Oregon Electric Cooperatives

Oregon’s Rural Electric Cooperative Association represents the legislative and regulatory interests of Oregon’s 18 not-for-profit, consumer-owned electric cooperative utilities. Electric cooperatives are consumer-owned, not-for-profit utilities governed by member elected boards of directors. Oregon’s electric cooperatives were first organized in the 1930’s to bring electric power to under-served rural areas. All 18 Oregon co-ops are members of ORECA. Oregon electric cooperatives serve over 10% of the state’s electricity consumers, are located in 32 counties and maintain over 26,000 miles of line traversing Oregon’s most rugged terrain which represents about two-thirds of the state’s land.

About ORECA Action

For nearly 8 decades, Oregon’s rural electric cooperatives have delivered clean, renewable, reliable and affordable electricity to their members. It is a record of which we are extremely proud. Yet, each legislative session, Oregon cooperatives are subjected to mandates or other proposals that challenge our ability to deliver the electricity you need – when you need it – at a price you can afford.

We are not powerless. It’s amazing how an organized group of citizens can impact the political process simply by banding together in a collective voice. Cooperatives across Oregon are encouraging their members to come together to promote common sense solutions by way of our grassroots program; Oregon Rural Electric Cooperative Action. Join thousands of other Oregon electric cooperative members who are already part of this vital program. By joining, you’ll maximize your voice and become part of a growing team of electric cooperative advocates in the state of Oregon. Together, we can make a difference, keep your rates affordable and preserve your co-op’s independence.

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